Photo Name Description Category Price Action
Queso FundidoChorizo, rajas. green chile.AppetizerUS$ 8.99Add To Cart
Corn QuesadillaPlain cheeseAppetizerUS$ 8.99Add To Cart
FlautasBeef or ChickenAppetizerUS$ 8.99Add To Cart
Super NachosA mountain of corn chips, smothered in melted jack cheese, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled jalapenos, sour cream and guacamole. Feeds four people.AppetizerUS$ 9.95Add To Cart
EnchiladasBeef, chicken or cheese. red or greenAntojitosUS$ 11.5Add To Cart
Chiles RellenosTwo green chiles stuffed with jack cheese.AntojitosUS$ 13.95Add To Cart
Chicken MoleMexican sauce with chocolate and chipotle chile.AntojitosUS$ 11.95Add To Cart
QuesadillasChorizo, green chile, beef or chicken.AntojitosUS$ 8.99Add To Cart
Shrimp TacosShrimp TacosAntojitosUS$ 13.99Add To Cart
Fish TacosFish TacosAntojitosUS$ 12.99Add To Cart
Tamales(Dozen)TamalesAntojitosUS$ 22Add To Cart
Chicken SoupChicken SoupSoupsUS$ 8.99Add To Cart
Caldo de ResCaldo de ResSoupsUS$ 12Add To Cart
Chicken breastChicken breast and vegetablesSoupsUS$ 12Add To Cart
Menudo SoupMenudo SoupSoupsUS$ 12Add To Cart
Pozole SoupPozole SoupSoupsUS$ 12Add To Cart
Breakfast BurritoBreakfast BurritoBreakfastUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
Huevos RancherosWith beans, potatoes, bacon and tortilla.BreakfastUS$ 9.95Add To Cart
Huevos con ChorizoBacon, beans and tortilla.BreakfastUS$ 8.99Add To Cart
Huevos BandidoCooked with jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, beans and tortillas.BreakfastUS$ 8.99Add To Cart
Egg and Chorizo BurritoEgg and Chorizo BurritoBreakfastUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
Camaron con Tequila y LimonTen shrimp cooked with tequila and lime.SeafoodUS$ 12.99Add To Cart
Super Shrimp BandidosGrilled shrimp with butter and garlic (20)SeafoodUS$ 22.5Add To Cart
Camarones BandidosTen large California shrimp sauteed in butter with jalapenos, onions and tomatoes. Served with rice, beans and flour or corn tortillas.SeafoodUS$ 13.95Add To Cart
Shrimp CocktailEight large California shrimp in a special Marisco's sauce.SeafoodUS$ 13.95Add To Cart
Camarones RancherosTen large California shrimp with onion, tomatoes, jalapenos and cheese.SeafoodUS$ 13.99Add To Cart
Camarones al Mojo de AjoTenSeafoodUS$ 13.95Add To Cart
Tostada de CamaronThree tostadas with shrimp and pico de gallo.SeafoodUS$ 12.95Add To Cart
Caldo Vuelve a La VidaSeafood mix of octopus, shrimp, fish, crab and mussels.SeafoodUS$ 18.95Add To Cart
Caldo de CamaronesTen large shrimp soup.SeafoodUS$ 13.95Add To Cart
Caldo de PescadoCaldo de PescadoSeafoodUS$ 15.5Add To Cart
Mojarra a La DiablaHot red chile tilapia.SeafoodUS$ 13.95Add To Cart
Mojarra RancheraTilapia with cheese.SeafoodUS$ 13.95Add To Cart
Mojarra al Mojo de AjoTilapia with garlic.SeafoodUS$ 13.95Add To Cart
Enchilada de CamaronEnchilada de CamaronSeafoodUS$ 13.95Add To Cart
CampechanaCampechanaSeafoodUS$ 16.5Add To Cart
Ribeye Dinner10 oz. with baked potato.DinnerUS$ 21.99Add To Cart
T Bone Dinner10 oz. with baked potatoDinnerUS$ 21.99Add To Cart
T Bone and Shrimp Dinner10 oz. with baked potato.DinnerUS$ 25.5Add To Cart
Steak Ranchero Dinner16oz top sirloin with onions, tomatoes and jalapenos with cheeseDinnerUS$ 19.99Add To Cart
Carne Asada Dinner8 oz. top sirloin.DinnerUS$ 12.99Add To Cart
Grande Dinner16 oz. top sirloin.DinnerUS$ 19.99Add To Cart
Asada Mezquite Dinner8 oz. top sirloin with red chile on top.DinnerUS$ 12.99Add To Cart
Beef Fajitas DinnerBandido hot with rice and beansDinnerUS$ 12.99Add To Cart
Chicken Fajitas DinnerBandido hot with rice and beansDinnerUS$ 11.5Add To Cart
Mar Cielo y TierraShrimp, chicken and beef cooked with onions, tomatoes and jalapeno.DinnerUS$ 19.95Add To Cart
Pastor (1/2 Lb)With rice, beans, and tortillas.DinnerUS$ 11.99Add To Cart
Carnitas (1/2 Lb)With rice, beans, and tortillas.DinnerUS$ 11.99Add To Cart
Barbacoa (1/2 Lb)With rice, beans, and tortillas.DinnerUS$ 11.99Add To Cart
Adobada (1/2 Lb)With rice, beans, and tortillas.DinnerUS$ 11.99Add To Cart
Bean Tacos (3 Pcs)Bean Tacos (3 Pcs)VegetarianUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
1 Bean and Cheese BurritoBean and Cheese BurritoVegetarianUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
1 Bean and Rice BurritoBean and Rice BurritoVegetarianUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
Caesar SaladCaesar SaladVegetarianUS$ 7.99Add To Cart
Garden SaladGarden SaladVegetarianUS$ 7.99Add To Cart
Veggie FajitaVeggie FajitaVegetarianUS$ 9.5Add To Cart
TACO SALADTACO SALAD (beef, chicken, pork or veggie)VegetarianUS$ 9.5Add To Cart
Tostada Lobo SpecialTostada Lobo SpecialLobo MenuUS$ 4.99Add To Cart
Asada SaladAsada SaladLobo MenuUS$ 8.95Add To Cart
Pollo SaladPollo SaladLobo MenuUS$ 8.95Add To Cart
Green chile stewGreen chile StewLobo MenuUS$ 12Add To Cart
Queso and ChipsQueso and ChipsLobo MenuUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
12 ChickenWings1 doz chicken wings (buffalo) (bbq)Lobo MenuUS$ 18.99Add To Cart
Kids quesadillaQuesadillla with rice.Kids MealsUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
Flautitas (Kids)Beef or chicken.Kids MealsUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
Mini Chicken Burrito (Kids)
Chicken and cheeseKids MealsUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
Chicken tenders (6)4 tenders and french friesKids MealsUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
Mini Beans and Cheese Burrito (Kids)Kids MealsUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
Hamburger with Fries (Kids)Plain hamburguer w/french friesKids MealsUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
Beans (8 Oz)BeansSide OrdersUS$ 2.5Add To Cart
Rice (8 Oz)RiceSide OrdersUS$ 2.5Add To Cart
Papa AsadaBaked potatoSide OrdersUS$ 4.99Add To Cart
French FriesFrench FriesSide OrdersUS$ 4.99Add To Cart
Chiles ToreadosChiles ToreadosSide OrdersUS$ 2.99Add To Cart
Extra ChipsExtra ChipsSide OrdersUS$ 3.99Add To Cart
Guacamole (4 Oz)GuacamoleSide OrdersUS$ 7.99Add To Cart
Green ChileGreen ChileSide OrdersUS$ 2Add To Cart
Red ChileRed ChileSide OrdersUS$ 2Add To Cart
Sour CreamSour CreamSide OrdersUS$ 1.75Add To Cart
TortillasYour choice of flour(2) or corn(6).Side OrdersUS$ 2Add To Cart
3 leches cakeTres leches cakeDessertUS$ 7.99Add To Cart
Chocolate CakeChocolate CakeDessertUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
CheesecakeCheesecakeDessertUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
Apple PieApple PieDessertUS$ 6.99Add To Cart
Soft DrinksSoft DrinksBeveragesUS$ 3Add To Cart
Aguas Frescas(fruit drinks)BeveragesUS$ 4.99Add To Cart
CoffeeCoffeeBeveragesUS$ 2.5Add To Cart
2 Cheeseburger 2 cokes2 cheeseburger 2 cokes french friesFAMILY PACKUS$ 14Add To Cart
SUPER BURGER 2 meats, 2 bacon, 2 cheese, 2hamFAMILY PACKUS$ 12Add To Cart
3ASADA BURRITOSMeat and cheese (3 burritos)FAMILY PACKUS$ 15Add To Cart
Taco tray (20)pzSoft corn tortilla with beef FAMILY PACKUS$ 55Add To Cart
Chicken Fajitas trayGrilled onion, tomatoes, and jalapenos with chicken, tortillas.FAMILY PACKUS$ 65Add To Cart
CAMPECHANAMix seafood cocktailLENT SPECIALUS$ 16.95Add To Cart