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For the best in Authentic Mexican Cuisine, Bandido Hideout is the place since 1992. Locally owned and operated, Bandido Hideout brings that home cooked meal right to your table.
Across from UNM main campus - dine in, carry out, or get delivery within the block range of Menaul Blvd to the Albuquerque Airport, and Downtown Albuquerque to San Mateo.


The masked luchador is a mainstay on Central Avenue by the University of New Mexico

Lucha libre, a Spanish phrase loosely translated into English as "free-style fighting", is not just a genre of professional wrestling, it is the poor man's theater in Mexico. For a mere pittance, the common man can treat his entire family to an incredible world in which classic battles of good versus evil are waged by stalwart heroes (los technicos) and compelling villains (los rudos). Throngs of frenetic fans suspend their disbelief as muscular luchadores perform spectacular high-flying moves and execute joint-wrenching holds in the squared circle. Lucha libre's theatrics are enhanced by the presence of wrestlers whose identities are protected by colorful masks designed to evoke archetypal images of animals, heroes and gods. The luchadores take on the persona represented by their masks.

On any given day, on a Central Avenue median between the Bandido Hideout restaurant and the University of New Mexico, you can spot a masked luchador sporting a sandwich board advertising "1/2 Rotisserie Chicken". You've got to wonder what persona his mask represents - El Taco Technico, Guacamole Guapo, Señor Salsa... The staff at Bandido Hideout confirms that like the mail carrier, neither rain, nor sleet nor Albuquerque's winds will stay this luchador from the entertaining completion of his appointed route on Central Avenue. The truth is, that now famous masked wrestler has been steering first-time patrons into the Bandido Hideout for several years. The second time, those diners return on their own to a very good restaurant that's as colorful as many of Mexico's favorite masked luchadores. The Bandido Hideout is a sensory overload for your senses with multi-hued sponge painted walls, murals depicting Aztec life and on Fridays and Sundays, music by Mariachi Tenampa, perhaps New Mexico's premier professional mariachi group.


The colorful, festive interior of Bandido Hideout

On many a weekend, the Bandido Hideout has also been the salvation for revelers experiencing "la cruda" (a hangover). Who needs "hair of the dog" when you've got menudo, a long recognized cure for what ails you after a long night (or six) of imbibing adult beverages? For less than the cost of a quart of Mad Dog, diners can consume as much menudo as they'd like at the Bandido. Since menudo is an acquired taste, many non-drinkers just "settle" for good Mexican food. Three salsas and a basket of chips reach your table shortly after you do. The salsa de arbol is the most piquant, but some of its sting is remediated by the infusion of lime. The guacamole based salsa is only mildly piquant but rich in the buttery smooth flavor of well-ripened avocados. The third salsa is rarely seen in New Mexico, but is common in the state of Puebla. It's salsa de cacahuates con Guajillo, a peanut salsa with chile Guajillo. It may remind you of the peanut sauces so prevalent in Thai foods without the sometimes tooth-decaying sweetness.

In Camarones Tropical, the shrimp are prepared in a white wine and orange sauce then served with grilled pineapple slices and grapes for a combination of fruity and briny tastes sure to please any palate. It's not all seafood dishes which combine well with citrus flavors, but this is one which does. No matter where you travel in Latin America, you'll find grilled meat (carne asada) on the menu. Restaurants called parrillas which specialize in grilled foods also grill seafood (mariscos) and poultry. Particularly popular in Argentina and Colombia, the mixed grill called Parrillada Mixta (or just parrillada) can be any combination of grilled meats, poultry and seafood. Bandido Hideout offers a parillada entree for three called Parillada con Corona, the "Corona" referring to three bottles of Corona, a popular Mexican beer. Alas, the parillada at Bandido Hideout is replete with tough, sinewy and fatty shards of beef and chicken. The grilled onions, tomatoes and jalapeños are the highlight of a relatively expensive entree in which too much of the grilled meats have to be discarded for their toughness.


Costa Azul Shrimps

Most of the ingredients that fill your tacos are also available on tortas, Mexican sandwiches on warm bolillo bread. The torta de hamon is a smart choice thanks to a generous smear of savory guacamole, beans and sour cream sharing bun space with some of the best Mexican ham you'll find north of the border. A seascape on the restaurant's far southern wall might just inspire you to try some of the menu's mariscos, an early favorite of which are the Camarones Costa Azul (literally shrimp from the Blue Coast). Eight California shrimp are stuffed with queso Mexicana then enrobed in crispy bacon for a taste you'll risk shark-infested waters to obtain. A citrus-mustard dipping sauce is provided but to dip the shrimp into anything but your mouth would be desecration.

The Bandido Hideout has many offerings to satisfy your every taste:

  • Vegetarian Style Mexican Meals
  • Seafood / Mariscos Platters
  • Beef and Steak Dinners
  • Chicken Combination Plates

  • Either chow down inside our colorful restaurant (try the fresh peanut salsa and horchata ) or have items from our extensive menu delivered directly to your door.

    For the best in Authentic Mexican Cuisine, Bandido Hideout is the place since 1992. Locally owned and operated, Bandido Hideout brings that home cooked meal right to your table.
    Across from UNM main campus - dine in, carry out, or get delivery within the block range of Menaul Blvd to the Albuquerque Airport, and Downtown Albuquerque to San Mateo.

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  • The masked luchador prowling the median bisecting Central Avenue by the Bandido Hideout doesn't need to body slam you or twist your most vulnerable appendages to get you to try this gem of a restaurant. All he's got to do is point you in the right direction the first time. After that, you'll find it on your own-perhaps even repeatedly.

    Bandido Hideout
    2128 Central, S.E.
    Albuquerque, NM
    (505) 808-2890
    (505) 835-5074
    BEST BET: Tacos Al Pastor, Salsa de cacahuates con Guajillo, Camarones Costa Azul, Horchata, Aguas Frescas

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    Some of the best Mexican food I have ever eaten in New Mexico! Big portions, steaming hot off the grill , clean and friendly atmosphere! Two Thumbs Up!
    - Sly Q. Jones

    Friendly, inexpensive and very mexican Check out the bottomless lemonade and agua frescas, the rotating specials, and the fajita buffet on fridays.
    - Dana

    Best salsa I've ever tried! And the food was good, they served very good portions and the service was excellent.
    - luis

    We got Karaoke!